Saturday, 8 February 2014

About Swapping SD Cards in GT-S7562

About Swapping SD Cards in GT-S7562

Hello friends,
Here are some details for swapping sd cards.

What is Swapping SD Cards?
Simply- It will make your External sdard to Internal sd card and internal sd card to external sd card

PMP™ RaZER ROM is already having swapped sd cards feature


  • External sd card with more than 1 GB storage
  • Rooted Device
  • CWM Recovery as most of you are having cwm.

This will affect on your kernel. So, battery drain can be high and sometimes your device can react unusual (Restart, stuck for few seconds and like this).
But other things will be fine

Now lets start:
  1. Backup all your sd card data to prevent losing it.
  2. Download this cwm zip package
  3. Put it in your sd card and flash via CWM and reboot
  4. Done.

Now enjoy big games and hd games on your GT-S7562

PMP™ SDuos Dev


  1. waiting for a update of this ROm SIr Mohitash

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