Saturday, 8 February 2014

About Link2SD in GT-S7562

About Link2SD in GT-S7562

Hello friends,
Many users are still having isuues regarding how to use Link2SD or they are unable to use it because of some issues.
You can take look here for full description of this app on Official Android Market to know how this app works.

Requirements that you need to use this app-

  • Rooted device
  • External SD Card of 2 GB or more than 2 GB
  • Your "External SD Card" must have Second partition (Ext4, Ext3, Ext2 or FAT)

If you want some steps on how to partition your external sd card then follow these steps:
  • First you must have a Card Reader so that you can connect your sd card to pc with card reader
  • This method will not erase any data but still you must backup your sd card data
  • MiniTool Partition Wizard. You can get free "Home Edition  it here
  • Install MiniTool Partition Wizard on your windows pc
Now follow These steps-
  1. Connect your sd card (Install all drivers and wait for it to complete and load)
  2. When completed open MiniTool Partition Wizard
  3. You can see your SD Card, right?
  4. Now right clock on that and select Move/Resize
  5. Now move that size from right to the left of size of your choice that you wanna give as 2nd partition (Unallocated Space After | Recommended- Min. 500 MB and Max. 1 GB)
  6. Now you can see in main window two parts, one your sd card (FAT parition) and other one as Unallocated
  7. Right click on Unallocated and seect create (Ignore if any message comes and clock on yes)
  8. Now select "File System"- Ext2, Ext3, Ext4 or FAT32 (I always use FAT32 on my GT-S7562) and click ok
  9. Now click on Apply button on top left corner of main window and wait for it to finish
  10. Done. You successfully created your SD Card's 2nd partition.

Now lets move to the steps for "how to use Link2SD

  1. Install and open Link2SD
  2. Give Superuser Permissions
  3. A popup will be displayed to select your sd card 2nd partition
  4. Select your partition
  5. If you get any error message like cant create mount script, source busy then just ignore it.
  6. Tick all the options
  7. In option App2SD if you get error again then again ignore it
  8. Now reboot your device
  9. Done
After reboot open Link2SD and check storage info and you will see its working 
Whenever you install any new app then it will be automatically lnked to you sd card. You can see the notification in statusbar
You must wait for linking work to be finished before launching that app.

If you want video tutorial you can see this

I hope now you already solved your problem with this post

PMP™ SDuos Dev


  1. I used it but I got this message "Insufficient storage available"...

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