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  • PMP™ Xtreme Purity MOD v6.0 Beta1 released
  • PMP™ Ultra ROM v.5.1 released
  • PMP™ Ultra ROM v7.4 released


  1. Replies
    1. Talvez a Light rom, já que o nome quer dizer luz e move-se à velocidade da luz.

    2. A rom PMP mais rapida é sem dúvida a ultra rom, já experimentei todas e esta é a que tem melhor performance.

  2. How can I install pmp light rom update 10.5

  3. very fine work! pmp ultra 5.5 will set new standards for samsung duos phones!!

  4. Pmp 5.7.4 has issue of music player lagging..
    Hope it will resolve in next update...
    THANK YOU....

  5. will be updated pmp light? When you want to update?

  6. me gustaria saber como es el procedimiento para instalarlo sin errores me sale un error al querer instalar desde el recovery

  7. the same with me,
    im using PMP™ Light ROM v10.5
    and my issue is the same with you (Santu Das)

    my music player is lagging!!!
    your pmp version is 5.7.4 and my version is 10.5 and still the same problem!

  8. Good job dev Mohitash
    PMP™ Ultra ROM v6.0
    ThankYou !

    ((( don't know if anybody noticed this or have the same problem. I have use three other camera apps Camera FV-5,Camera zoom FX and Vignette in my Galaxy S Duos.
    The problem with all of them is the maximum resolution I can set is for 3.1 mp (2048 x 1536). Where as using the stock camera it can be set to the max 5 mp (2560 x 1920).
    Cannot figure out what is the cause of it.)))


  9. will these roms work on s duos 2
    please reply
    iam waiting for it
    no roms for s duos 2